Wild! Homeowner Arrested For Confronting Squatters In New York

by State Brief

Local news cameras were on the scene to film the situation

ABC New York‘s “Eyewitness News” investigative team captured alarming footage of a homeowner dealing with squatters living in her home before eventually being arrested by police for being on her own property.

Adele Andaloro inherited her family’s home in Flushing, Queens, and was preparing to sell the house when she discovered people living inside.

The group living in the home had the locks on the doors changed so Andaloro couldn’t enter.

The homeowner reached out to the local news outlet to see if they’d like to bring attention to the situation and they ended up filming a shocking encounter.

As Andaloro and the news crew stood outside the home, a woman approached the front door and unlocked it before fleeing upon seeing the cameras.

Since the door was unlocked, the homeowner went inside and discovered two men living in the house where her furniture and personal belongings still sat.

After an exchange of words, police were called and the two men were removed from the property.

Andaloro had a locksmith waiting nearby and had the door locks changed, but about ten minutes later the squatters came back and forced their way into the home.

Despite having the deed to the home on her person, police officers arrested the homeowner for “unlawful eviction” when the squatters called the cops on her.

“I am being arrested for being in my own home,” Andaloro told the news cameras as she was handcuffed. “My deed is current and legal.”

Neither police officers or the “Eyewitness News” team were provided a lease by the home’s occupants, and now both parties will be forced to play the waiting game as it could take up to two years to solve an eviction case in New York.

These types of situations appear happening more often as word spreads of eviction loopholes and they could explode in magnitude if the millions of illegal immigrants coming into America get wind of the scam.

People on social media criticized America’s unfolding eviction crisis:

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