Watch: Tucker Questions American Christian Loyalty To Israel

by State Brief

Many U.S. citizens and politicians refuse to hold Israel accountable

Tucker Carlson talked with Christian Reverend Munther Isaac, who is living in Palestine, about the life of Christians in the areas of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.

The topic of Christians living in Palestine being murdered by U.S.-funded Israeli weapons is largely ignored by mainstream media and politicians.

Reverend Isaac explained how even Christians in the American Congress are not doing enough to try and stop the mass murdering taking place in the Middle East.

While the American people are thirsty for real conversations like this, mainstream media is doing its best to divide conservatives over the interview.

Newsweek ran the headline, “Conservatives Turn on Tucker Carlson,” claiming he “sparked ire among several conservative commentators after interviewing a Palestinian pastor, who discussed how the ongoing Israel-Hamas war has affected Christians in the region.”

In reality, true Christians do not support the mass killings, and want peace and prosperity for all the people in the region.

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