WATCH: Nightfall at the Wide Open New Mexico Border

by State Brief

“There are scouts up there. They’re watching everything.”

Immigration news outlet Border Hawk has released a new report showing the shocking lack of security in a region just outside of El Paso, Texas.

Border Hawk and fellow border reporter Anthony Aguero take viewers on a nighttime tour of the southern edge of New Mexico, just feet from Juarez, Mexico.

In this unprotected area where the border wall abruptly terminates, there is virtually nothing separating the U.S. from one of Mexico’s most dangerous cities, where violent crime is rampant and ruthless smugglers and gangs operate with impunity.

The reporters walked through a tunnel that is often used to move illegals into the U.S. before they are picked up by waiting vehicles and transported deeper into the interior.

“There are scouts up there,” Aguero says as he gestures into the darkness in Mexico. “They’re watching everything.”

A surge of illegal border crossings is unfolding in New Mexico amid increased enforcement in nearby El Paso.

Border Hawk and InfoWars have been covering the Biden border invasion extensively for years.

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