Watch: Epic Breakdown Of Military-Industrial Complex’s Mass Human Culling Racket

by State Brief

Why does humanity continue to destroy itself?

Joe Rogan recently broke down the madness of mankind continually falling into the trap of war used by social engineers in the New World Order’s military-industrial complex to control and pillage society.

The top podcast host suggested it’s “strange” that large groups of people are always pitted against each other when small groups can easily get along.

Going on to describe the “trap” designed by the ruling class, Rogan said:

“Everyone on Earth is being led by groups that decide they’re in control of these massive numbers of people and they want control of the resources of these other territories and they want to do something to those people. They’ll have people convinced, ‘This is your enemy. You have to go kill them.’ People that you’ve never met, you have no issue with, you don’t know anything about them. You’ve literally never seen them before. You might not even see them when you’re killing them…”

Next, Rogan hypothesized explaining to an alien lifeform the root of war among mankind, saying, “We’re a group and we’re being led by the people in charge of this group who are very secretive and that are being influenced by massive amounts of money and the military-industrial complex and they’ve got everyone convinced that you have to divert all of our resources into attacking this other group that is opposed to our way of life, they hate us for our freedom, whatever it is…”

The aliens would wonder, “What is wrong with you fucking people?” said the podcast host.


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