VIDEO: Robert Barnes Responds to Israel Committing Political Suicide, Trump’s First Criminal Trial, & More

by State Brief

Persecution of Donald Trump will backfire, according to renowned lawyer.

Attorney Robert Barnes joined Alex Jones Sunday to discuss current political events and the law-fare attacks against presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Trump was the victim of extortion by Stormy Danials, not the person who perpetrated it, and they’re trying to convert an accounting issue into a criminal issue,” Barnes said. “And the idea that it interfered in the election is ludicrous, there’s no evidentiary bases for that, and of course they’re focused on things that Trump did while President of the United States and pretending somehow he can’t be immune from prosecution by politically motivated prosecutors for this, so I think what the judge is doing he thinks is going to advance the Democrat Party’s interest, I think it’s going to undermine it.”

Barnes went on to explain how the political prosecution of Trump will put more pressure on the Supreme Court to grant the former president full immunity in all these cases.

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