UN ‘Peacemakers’ Kill Civilians While WHO Staff Rape Children – These Corrupt Globalist Bodies Want More Control Over Our Lives

by State Brief

The world’s leading globalist body is led by a terroristand filled with child predators and perverts who pose as “peacekeepers” and purveyors of “health.”

That body is the United Nations (UN), and it also includes the infamous World Health Organization(WHO), which as we know played a leading role in the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” false flag that appears to have forever changed the world for the very worst.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is reportedly a terrorist who keeps on staff pedophiles and rapists, allowing them free rein over the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people to do with them as they wish.

According to reports, Ghebreyesus even goes so far as to fly these pervert staff members into small towns in the developing world, providing them with fancy rental cars and hotel rooms once they hit the ground, along with loads of cash, so they can have their way with whomever they encounter to their liking among the impoverished.

Australian Sen. Malcolm Roberts revealed this and more on the floor of his country’s parliament, explaining that the WHO “is rotting from the head,” describing it as one of the most corrupt institutions on earth.

“Former terrorist Tedros Ghebreyesus will not fire 83 WHO staff engaged in abuse including rape and forced abortions, with one victim 13, claiming rape and forced abortion do not violate WHO’s policies because the victims were not receiving WHO aid,” said Roberts during his speech, the entirety of which you can watch below:

UNRWA interfering with separating civilians from Hamas terrorists in Gaza

The situation is much the same at the UN where rape scandals are the norm, and where child predators are placed into key positions of power over populations that are not even from their own country, which increases the chances of abuse by many-fold.

“Additional UN sex trafficking scandals have been reported in Bosnia and Kosovo, as well as a notoriously ignominious child sex ring organised in Haiti by more than 100 UN personnel who had been insufficiently screened,” explains Liberty Nation national correspondent John Klar.

“In all of these experiences, insufficiently researched UN (or its numerous bureaucratic subsidiaries) staff become predators against those they were entrusted to aid, then returned home with impunity.”

Another problem at the UN is murder. Yes, these supposed “peacekeepers” who like to tell other countries what to do and how to handle their wars are “indiscriminately shelling,” to quote one source, “civilian populated areas and markets” in Mogadishu.

“In the last three months alone,” the same source continues, “United Nations forces in Mogadishu have killed more than 160 civilians and have injured more than 400.”

Another area where UN brutality is rampant is in Katanga, a province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The UN, acting as the proxy arm of the Soviet Union, bombed the province’s capital city of Elisabethville, overthrowing its pro-West leader, Moïse Tshombe.

The below video tells the untold story of the UN’s bombing of innocent civilians in the Congo as part of a campaign to oust Tshombe, a popular anti-communist leader in the area.

Then there is UNRWA, which right now is claiming to support Palestinian civilians in Gaza. It turns out that UNRWA is also loaded with terrorists who are interfering with efforts to sort out Hamas terrorists from regular civilians, putting civilians at risk of injury or death.

“The UN is projecting onto Israel increased tensions and distrust seeded by its recurrent incompetence in preventing Hamas from permeating the organization,” reports explain. “The space for trust of medical personnel and UN and WHO employees shrinks when doctors traffic women on the front lines of wars against disease.”

For all their talk about peace and health, the UN and the WHO are purveyors of death and destruction. Learn more at Evil.news.

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