Ukraine Resorting to Drafting Retarded Men

by State Brief

With most the military aged men now dead and elderly men along with teens filling the void, Ukraine moves on to other less than qualified individuals to fill its ranks.

Video has surfaced apparently showing a mentally retarded man within the ranks of the Ukrainian military after the war torn nation abolished its ‘fit for limited military service‘ requirement.

While the notion of drafting retarded individuals may sound insane and abusive, just 8 percent of Ukrainian citizens are willing to take up arms against Russia, and with poll numbers like that it makes more sense why the Zelensky regime would be attracted to soldiers who cannot grasp the concept of death.

The nation also recently lowered its conscription age from 27 to 25 in a bid to replace the dwindling fighting force in its ongoing war against Russia.

The shortage of able-bodied, able-minded men has gotten so severe that entire towns are devoid of men and teams of conscription officers are kidnapping 14 year old boys in an attempt to fill the ranks.

Ukraine has at least a number of teenagers enlisted in their fighting force, and has also been conscripting senior citizens for military service, and is also considering drafting women too.

The U.S. has previously sought to force women to register for the draft, and Ron Paul has warned about this potential in 2020. Denmark is actively seeking to draft women.

While mental retardation has long been viewed by societies as an insurmountable hurtle for positions of responsibility over complex systems, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) programs are now seeking the mentally retarded for those very positions, such as at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

As potential Ukrainian military candidates continue to flee to freedom amidst calls for their return the pool of potential fighters gets meeker and less sophisticated, even to the point of retardation.

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