The Portuguese Continue European Trend of Veering Right Ahead of EU Elections

by State Brief

In Portugal, the election results led to several conclusions.

First, they demonstrated how Europeans are reacting to the EU-enforced Green Deal: Two environmental parties did not even make it into the parliament, which aligns with disastrous polls for the Greens across Europe. 

One of these Portuguese eco-parties, in a bid for survival at all costs, formed an alliance with the Communists, who had been strong in the country for many years after the Salazar era. It turns out that the Portuguese do not want the left in government, nor the radical left in parliament.

Additionally, it is evident that the socialists are in retreat, as is also the case in many countries across Europe.

For the center-right to govern, it must have the support of the right-wing Chega party, which quadrupled its number of parliamentary seats.

We’ve seen this previously in Scandinavia (Sweden and Finland) and to some extent in Italy, although there the right (Brothers of Italy) is a stronger coalition partner than the center-right (Forza Italia).

With few exceptions, Europe is turning to the right, even if – as is the case in Poland and Spain – despite an electoral victory, it is not in a position to govern.

This is an excellent prognostic before the European Parliament elections, which will take place between June 6 and 9.

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