Teen Arrested for Smuggling 3-Year-Old Child During Dangerous Pursuit in Texas

by State Brief

A teenage suspect was arrested for smuggling illegal aliens, including a toddler, during a high-speed pursuit and bail-out in Texas this week, authorities say.

The harrowing incident unfolded on Wednesday in Webb County near the Mexican border.

Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) troopers attempted to pull over a suspicious sedan in a residential neighborhood when the driver began taking evasive action.

Footage from the ensuing chase has been released by TxDPS.

The vehicle can be seen rocketing down US-83, swerving onto the shoulder to rip past a police SUV.

The driver then leaves the roadway briefly to skirt stopped vehicles then turns through a busy intersection against oncoming traffic as other motorists slam on their brakes.

The suspect eventually entered another neighborhood and bailed out of the moving vehicle with his passengers still inside.

He was apprehended after a brief foot chase and identified as 17-year-old Gustavo Omar Arizpe Jr., a resident of Laredo.

TxDPS troopers found four illegal aliens from Mexico inside the vehicle, including a 3-year-old child.

It is unclear if anyone in the car was related to the toddler.

All four illegals were turned over to Border Patrol and Arizpe was charged with evading arrest and smuggling of persons.

Dangerous smuggling pursuits unfold constantly along theย U.S.-Mexico border, asย InfoWars frequently reports.

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