Rogan Talks Newborn Vaccines, Elon Saving Free Speech, Dinosaur Media’s Demise & Dems Swapping Biden For Gavin Newsom

by State Brief

Comedian and top podcast host Joe Rogan sat down with comedian Andrew Schulz last week for an epic discussion covering a wide range of topics from vaccinations to the 2024 election.

During one portion of the interview, Schulz described the moment doctors tried to push the Hepatitis B shot on his newborn baby, mocking the medical industry for immediately rushing to jab infants with a medication for a sexually transmitted disease.

Touching on free speech, Rogan and Schulz commended Elon Musk’s crusade to create an outlet where ideas can be freely exchanged.

“He may have very well saved humanity in some way by providing this one platform where people can actually speak their mind up to a point,” said Rogan.

The pair also exposed how the weapons manufacturers in the military-industrial complex are in many ways more in control of what’s going on across the world than major political leaders.

Later, the duo talked about how the dinosaur media outlets that have made millions of dollars lying to the American people on behalf of the political establishment are now being dominated by podcasts and other forms of alternative media.

Rogan made a prediction while discussing the 2024 presidential election, suggesting the Democrat Party will remove Joe Biden from the ticket around May and replace him with California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom.

“I think Biden just has health problems and the country understands and Newsom is going to have his support fully,” he said.

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