Pt 2! CIA Officer Confirms Agency In Ukraine, Intel Pushing TikTok Breakup & Seizing Money From Blacklisted Foreigners

by State Brief

Undercover footage exposes Deep State operations

Following Tuesday’s release of undercover footage showing CIA Contracting Officer Gavin O’Blennis bragging about the agency’s most questionable tactics, Sound Investigations has released a second video.

Thursday’s footage shows O’Blennis admitting it’s an open secret that the CIA is operating in Ukraine to help with the war against Russia, explaining illegal aliens are gaming the “asylum” process and blabbering about much more.

During one conversation, the CIA officer boasted when he worked in the FBI the feds would often seize the assets of foreigners they didn’t like “just because” they could.

When he worked at Homeland Security, O’Blennis said he interviewed illegal immigrants at the border to listen to whether or not the incomers qualified for asylum.

Regarding TikTok, the spook claimed the intelligence agencies want to take the social media company out of the hands of China so the U.S. can collect the data from the app.

If accurate, O’Blennis’ remarks provide a glimpse into how the overreaching intelligence agencies use their power to influence other branches of the U.S. government.

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