No Joke: London To Install New Obese Black Statue Called “Lady in Blue” in Trafalgar Square

by State Brief

Upcoming art installation criticized for attempting to erase English cultural identity and heritage, with others saying it’s an objectively bad piece of art.

A new statue to be featured in London’s Trafalgar Square will depict an obese black woman with a big rear end wearing a blue dress.

Yes, really.

The London mayor’s office announced a statue titled, “Lady in Blue,” will be installed at the historical tourist destination from 2026 through 2028.

According to the BBC, artist “Tschabalala Self’s sculpture Lady in Blue is made of bronze and covered in lapis lazuli blue – a rare and refined pigment that has been used since antiquity – and pays homage to a young metropolitan woman of colour.”

Self claimed the bronze statue, which will be installed at Trafalgar Square’s popular Fourth Plinth exhibition space, is meant as a contemporary depiction of an “everywoman” Londoner.

It’s intended to depict “a quotidian figure, a person like all others in the city,” Self said, adding, “In my mind I thought of her as a Londoner, a contemporary figure, a woman that many people could identify with.”

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However, numerous social media users took exception with the statue, accusing it of being the latest effort by subversive bureaucrats to erase English cultural identity and heritage, with others panning it as an objectively bad piece of art.

“This isn’t a joke. This is what won. It’s like being under occupation by a tyrant with the worst possible taste,” wrote one X user.

The unflattering depiction of black women is being regarded as leftist London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s latest effort to rewrite and erase Western culture, as illegal immigrants flood Europe, displacing and replacing the current population.

The globalists are increasing their attacks on Infowars and the stakes have never been higher!

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