New Emails Show Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric Developed COVID-19 Under DARPA Grant

by State Brief

A new document sheds light on EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak and researcher Ralph Baric’s work on COVID-19 gain-of-function research, as well as ties to a DARPA research grant funding the work.

Published by journalist Jimmy Tobias this week, a damning email chain appears to implicate Daszak and the UNC-Chapel Hill coronavirus expert as integral to researching the disease’s capabilities as far back as 2018.

In the email chain, a message from United States Geological Survey (USGS) National Wildlife Health Center research scientist Tonie Rocke to Baric’s wife “Toni” states,

Hi Toni (nice to meet a fellow Toni – I don’t often); Yes, 11:30 works for me. Is that ET? I’m not yet sure if I’ll be working from home tomorrow, so probably best if I call you. I’d like to hear your thoughts on how these proteins are best delivered to bats and what has been attempted so far.

In another email from the document addressed from Rocke to Ralph Baric, Rocke asked about a “DARPA grant,” referring to the US Defense Department’s research branch:

Hi Ralph: I have a couple of questions about the SARS-CoV spike glycoproteins you are developing with respect to the DARPA grant we are collaborating on. Do you have time for a call sometime tomorrow?

In yet another incriminating email exchange from Daszak to Baric’s wife, the EcoHealth Alliance president mentioned “the nanoparticle work [Ralph’s] been involved in.”

The emails appear to corroborate what many have long suspected: that COVID-19 was intentionally developed by the US government which then attempted to cover-up all traces back to the virus.

Baric’s research at UNC was also funded by the HHS’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as admitted by NIAID head Anthony Fauci:

Commenting on the email thread going viral on social media, journalist Alex Berenson noted, “In case you’ve forgotten, Ralph Baric met with Tony Fauci on February 11, 2020. Thus Fauci knew from the first what had happened, and he knew Americans and research he’d helped sponsor were indirectly (at best) responsible. He has been lying about it ever since.”

The emails are part of a trove of documents received via a FOIA request from the USGS by Tobias earlier this month.

“This is just the newest of many emails that prove DARPA and the pentagon ran the entire Covid attack. From the virus to the poison shot rollout it was all brought to us by the deep state,” Infowars’ Alex Jones commented on X.

Here are a few more interesting excerpts from the emails pointed out by X users:

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