Musk Says Brazil-Based X Employees Threatened With Arrest

by State Brief

X owner Elon Musk said the company must get their Brazil-based employees to a “safe place” before releasing a data dump of demands made by Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes

On Saturday evening, X said the platform had been “forced” to remove “certain popular accounts” from X, per a Brazilian court’s decision. Musk later announced the platform would defy the Brazilian court’s order and “lift all restrictions,” though also noted the platform would lose revenue in the country.

“Principles matter more than profit,” Musk asserted, later announcing the platform would soon publish “everything demanded” by de Moraes and demonstrate how his requests violate the country’s laws.

On Monday, Musk said the platform needed to move their Brazil-based employees to a “safe place” before releasing a data dump on de Moraes’ demands.

“Otherwise, [we’re] not in a position of responsibility,” Musk wrote. “They have been told they will be arrested.”

“He demanded that 𝕏 suspend accounts of people who raised corruption concerns while insisting that 𝕏 pretend the suspension was for violating our terms of service!” Musk elaborated in another post. “We obey the laws of countries even if we disagree with them, but this required violating the laws of Brazil.”

On Sunday evening, de Moraes opened an inquiry into Musk and X for “obstruction of justice” and “incitement to crime.”

“Providers of social networks and private messaging services should have neither more nor less responsibility than other media, communication and advertising media, especially when they direct or monetize the data, information and news conveyed on their platforms, earning revenue,” reads de Moraes’ statement.

The statement continued:

The conduct of the “X” configures, in theory, not only abuse of economic power, for trying to impact public opinion in an ILLEGAL way but also flagrant induction and instigation to the maintenance of various criminal conducts practiced by the digital militias investigated in INQ 4,874, with worsening of the risks to the security of the members of the SUPREME FEDERAL COURT – as is easily verified by the various messages with hate content made in support of those posted by ELON MUSK – and the Democratic State of Law itself.

“The flagrant conduct of obstruction of Brazilian Justice, the incitement to crime, the public threat of disobedience to court orders and the future absence of cooperation of the platform are facts that disrespect the sovereignty of Brazil and reinforce the connection of the DOLOSA CRIMINAL INSTRUMENTALIZATION of the activities of the former current TWITTER ‘X’, with the illicit practices investigated by the various investigations previously mentioned, and should be the subject of investigation by the Federal Police,” the statement concluded.

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