Musk: America ‘Doomed’ Without 2024 Election ‘Red Wave’

by State Brief

“Imagine four more years of this getting worse…” Musk says of Biden’s open border policies.

X founder Elon Musk warned that America is “doomed” by endless illegal immigration unless there “red wave this November.”

“There is either a red wave this November or America is doomed. Imagine four more years of this getting worse…” Musk wrote Saturday on X.

Musk was responding to a video of a New York City woman explaining how illegal immigration under Joe Biden has transformed the city into a haven of crime and degeneracy with no law enforcement to protect citizens.

The woman said illegal aliens living next door to her “piss on [her] door” and she could tell that “they’re gang lords.”

“They’re tattooed head to toe, the people pissing on my door,” she said. “And then there’s no law against illegal migrants committing crimes. So again, it’s lawlessness.”

“I’ve lived here for 50 years and this is not fair that we have– that we feel unsafe in our homeland and our own country is not defending us. And there’s nobody to protect us,” she added.

Though a longtime critic of Joe Biden’s open border policy, Musk has turned up the rhetorical heat as the Biden regime has facilitated hardened criminal illegal aliens entering the U.S., such as through a parole program that was recently upheld by a federal judge.

“Why does the radical far left Biden administration welcome violent illegals into America to prey upon your friends & family? We are even warned by other countries that it is insane to make America a haven for their convicted criminals!”

For example, a Venezuelan national who entered the U.S. under Biden’s parole program was arrested this week for raping a 15-year-old girl in Virginia.

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