‘Murder Season’ Ramps up in China – Expert Warns

by State Brief

China expert and former Chinese resident Winston Sterzel has been reporting on the violent crime wave sweeping Chinese streets in recent months.

While the Sino internet is highly censored, cut off from the rest of the world, those like Sterzel who speak and read the language can peruse Chinese posts to see what the government run propaganda agents try to hide as they paint a picture of communist utopia.

The act of running over people with a car is a common tactic used by the criminal element in China.

The very same day that a thug committed vehicular homicide in the nation’s capital, 19 students were killed when another murderer decided to purposefully drive over college kids.

A Chinese driver is seen convulsing after an intentional vehicle ramming, a common violent attack strategy in the Asian country where civilian ownership of firearms is strictly prohibited in all cases with no exception.

What looks like ‘accidents’ in China are sometimes ‘purposes’ as cars are the deadliest weapon residents may own.

A woman is seen being violently beat in the streets by a man. It is unknown if this is a domestic violence incident or a random act of street-side violence.

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Another common violent act in China is that of ‘revenge against society’ attacks. In this video, a man who’s lost his investment rampaged through a crowded street.

While the U.S. is gripped by a violent crime wave, China, a nation that claims to be a safe bastion of orderly society and cultural values is breaking down in a similar fashion, yet the state-sponsored censors of the communist state seek to hide this reality from the international audience.

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