MSNBC TERRIFIED Trump Considering Select Kash Patel As Attorney General

by State Brief

During a recent MSNBC news segment, the outlet played a video clip of Donald Trump insider Kash Patel putting the establishment on notice that the next Trump administration will be using the judicial system to bring the Deep State to justice.

“We will go out and find the conspirators not just in government but in media. Yes, we’re gonna come after the people in the media that lied about American citizens, who helped Joe Biden rig presidential elections. We’re gonna come after you! Whether it’s criminally or civilly, we’ll figure that out, but yeah, we’re putting you all on notice,” Patel said.

MSNBC explained Patel is reportedly on Trump’s “short list” of potential attorney general selections.

The outlet warned Americans should be wary of Trump weaponizing the DOJ to “go after his enemies,” without a hint of irony regarding the Biden DOJ’s jailing of political opponents such as non-violent J6 participants.

While mainstream media and Democrat politicians cry that Trump will become a dictator and jail HIS political opposition if re-elected, the presidential frontrunner has publicly stated he won’t “have time for retribution.”

It’s also worth noting Patel stated he’d be taking legal routes to punish potential criminal elements of the media, which is far from totalitarian.

Additionally, Patel explained the White House would have to be purged of establishment loyalists in order to properly go after the criminal members of the Deep State.

Responding to the notion of Trump cleaning house, MSNBC bragged about a Biden administration “rule” being implemented that hopes to “Trump-proof the White House” by taking away his power to replace career Executive Branch employees with pro-MAGA individuals.

The media’s attempts at slandering Patel might actually make Trump supporters more likely to support him for attorney general as he clearly strikes fear in the corrupt political establishment.

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