Meet the First 7 Jurors in Trump’s NYC Case

by State Brief

Fox News host Jesse Watters on Tuesday broke down the first seven jurors who were selected for the Democrats’ criminal case against former President Donald Trump in New York City.

And surprise — they are about as “impartial” as you’d probably expect.

“Yesterday, 50 white women wearing masks fled the courtroom claiming they couldn’t be fair to Trump. Anyone wearing a mask at this point is not an impartial juror,” Watters said on his show “Watters World.”

Watters went on to describe how many of the candidates were dismissed because they turned out to be “undercover activists” who tried “sneaking” into the jury.

The seven jurors who were selected so far have different backgrounds but share one thing in common: they’re avid consumers of mainstream media like CNN and the New York Times.

What are they chances the court would allow a juror who likes Infowars and Tucker Carlson?

These jurors were ultimately approved by Judge Juan Merchan, a Biden donor whose daughter has close ties to the Democratic Party.

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