Medical Examiner Finds Non-Binary Teen Nex Benedict Died Of Suicide, Not From Fight Inside School Bathroom As Dems Claimed

by State Brief

Leftist narrative totally falls apart

A toxicology report released Wednesday from a medical examiner’s office in Owasso, Oklahoma, revealed non-binary teenager Nex Benedict died from an intentional drug overdose and not due to being attacked by peers in a high school bathroom.

“The probable cause of death resulted from Diphenhydramine and Fluoxetine combined toxicity,” the medical examiner’s report stated.

Last month, Infowars exposed the mainstream media and Democrat politicians who echoed false claims about Benedict’s tragic death.

While other news outlets and lawmakers used the teen dying to promote their agendas, Infowars reported on the Owasso Police Department investigation that determined Nex “did not die as a result of trauma” from the fight.

Despite the fact the death is not being attributed to the physical altercation in the bathroom, politicians like Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) are using the tragedy to push their political agendas.

“Nex Benedict’s death from a brutal assault in their high school bathroom is outrageous and heartbreaking. The anti-trans fervor fueled by extreme Republicans across the country is having deadly consequences for our children. We must stand up against anti-trans hate,” wrote Pelosi.

Jayapal wrote, “This is awful — trans kids deserve our full support, and no child or family should have to go through this. It’s time for Congress to pass my Trans Bill of Rights to protect people across this country who just want to live as their authentic selves.”

The congresswoman milked the child’s death to promote her insanely far-left “Trans Bill of Rights,” which would take some of the most fringe pro-LGBT policies and turn them into federal laws.

Warren called Nex’s death a “killing” and claimed it “underscores the danger of extremists who are dehumanizing kids with anti-trans hate.”

The headline in the article shared by Rep. Jayapal reads, “Oklahoma banned trans students from bathrooms. Now a bullied student is dead after a fight.”

While it’s chronologically accurate, the headline is misleading as the fight was not affiliated with the death and there is no proof sexual identity had anything to do with the altercation.

Would the non-binary and trans student involved in the fight have been better off if they’d been in the boys’ bathroom instead of the girls’?

Lunatic trans activists even bullied the grieving parents for using their child’s birth name, harassing them into releasing a statement promising to have the “correct name of their choice” written on Nex’s headstone.

The left-wing political establishment has egg on its face for again jumping the gun before facts were revealed.

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