Massive Protests Against Netanyahu Form in Israel as Entire Region Erupts in Unrest

by State Brief

Since Monday Israeli residents, potentially numbering in the hundreds of thousands, have began to protest Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. At the same time, the surrounding Islamic world is beginning to rise up against Israel for the genocide in Gaza.

The protestor’s grievances range from judicial overhaul criticisms to the calling for a cease fire in Gaza to calls of freeing Israeli hostages via prisoner swaps and requests for the embattled leader to hold early elections.

The massive groundswell of protestors began at the same time as the murder of Western food aid workers by Israeli Defense Force (IDF) fighters. The killing of aid workers in a marked aid vehicle on a marked aid route has unleashed condemnation from around the world.

The attack on aid workers is only the most recent indecent in a long line of behavior that many are calling genocide, or the systematic erasure of an entire ethnic group.

The Israeli government has also recently banned press freedom in the country, and has previously sought to ban Christianity via outlawing talk of Jesus Christ, a move that ended up being halted. Netanyahu has also called for the microchipping of Israeli children, the death of Palestinian children, forced the covid vaccine on citizens and bragged about conducting medical experiments on the Jews he presides over.

Tensions are rising in the region, as a recent Israeli bombing of an Iranian embassy in Syria has left a number of Iranian officials dead.

Protests throughout the Islamic world, such as this one in Morocco, are erupting against the genocidal acts of Israel.

Civil unrest throughout the Middle East is expected to continue as long as Israel continues its war against Gaza. The resulting radical Islamic terrorist attacks are expected to begin in response to Israeli aggression as well.

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