Mask-Obsessed Woman Dons Full-Face Respirator for Road Trip

by State Brief

A woman who claims she fears airborne COVID-19 particles posted a photo to X explaining she wore a full face respirator for a six-hour road trip with a friend.

The photo shows her sitting in the backseat of a vehicle wearing a massive 3M full face respirator with pink air filters.

“Embarking on a 6-hour car ride with someone who takes zero COVID precautions,” the woman wrote in an X post. “Chilling in the back seat with this respirator and trying to keep the CO2 under 1,000 ppm. Wish me luck!”

The woman was slammed on social media for perpetuating the myth that COVID is a life-threatening illness.

The woman’s over-the-top masking highlights a subsect of the American population, mainly comprised of deranged liberals, who acquired Stockholm Syndrome during the COVID pandemic and grew conditioned to being told what to do and accustomed to living their lives in fear.

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