Local Journalist Slams Lawmakers as Illegals, Violent Crime Overwhelm Big Apple

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Cash Jordan, an independent journalist and YouTuber from New York City has recently chronicled the major issues threatening the life of America’s biggest city.

“When you add a housing crisis on top of a crime crisis on top of a humanitarian crisis the city is trying to manage all by itself, you’re creating an unlivable city for normal people,” he said.

Jordan discussed the untenable flow of illegal aliens being poured into the city through the Roosevelt Hotel, which is one of the city’s shelters for illegal aliens, but also the processing center for new arrivals when they first arrive.

“About 180,000 people have come here since this crisis started which is an insane number of folks,” Jordan said. “As I’ve been covering this crisis one thing has kind of jumped out at me as being very strange, and that’s because the reason people can come to New York and get a spot in a hotel like this is because the city has laws that guarantee housing to anyone who asks.”

He went on to explain how the illegal alien invasion can go on infinitely with a never ending stream of people.

“And the thing that’s really strange about this is the city doesn’t have a limit to ‘right to shelter’, no it’s unlimited, and since an unlimited number of people may end up deciding to come here, the city’s goal could end up being that they have to house an unlimited number of people for an unlimited period of time,” Jordan said. “How are they going to do that?”

He mentioned the demographic and economic impact of the illegal alien invasion.

“Will it destroy the city, well maybe not, but it’s certainly going to change it,” he said.

Jordan went on to express doubt that New York City Mayor Eric Adams intends to fix this problem, despite him trying to console the residents.

“City leaders aren’t stupid, the mayor knows right to shelter is going to bankrupt the city, he’s even said as much, but even now he’s not asking for it to be eliminated, just adjusted and he won’t say specifically what those adjustments are, so he could mean anything, we have no idea,” he said. “But that’s probably because 80 percent of the city is in favor of right to shelter.”

The New York City journalist went on to cover another crisis the city finds itself in, the violent crime wave, which he said the city doesn’t really seem to be serious about doing anything about.

“But the real reason the city is in a crime crisis is because they’ve got these laws that stop prosecutors from locking up criminals and removing them from the street after they been arrested for doing something wrong, and those are the city’s bail reform laws,” Jordan said. “And you know New York is the only state where a judge can’t look at somebody who’s got a long wrap sheet, maybe a Mike Tyson face tattoo and say ‘you know what, they might be dangerous’, and then make a decision to hold that person without bail or at extremely high bail.”

Jordan explained the liberal bail reform laws essentially defeat the work of law enforcement, and that any prospective judge who would hold criminals accountable wouldn’t be nominated for a judgeship because the progressive mayor wouldn’t support that nomination.

“Prior to New York becoming as progressive as it is today, we didn’t have the same types of crime problems that we have today, so maybe these two are related,” he said.

Jordan discussed the creeping big brother police state descending on the city.

“And what could end up happening is that crime in New York gets so bad that they have to start rolling out the National Guard to more and more parts of the city, which would essentially make New York more of a police state than it already is,” he said. “Think about this, you could even find yourself in a position where you get searched to go anywhere or do pretty much anything.”

Jordan explained how the crime crisis has not just stripped residents of their safety but also their civil liberties.

“…now people are getting searched, we’ve lost some of our privacy, we’ve lost some of our rights, and as you lose your rights you never really figure out how to get them back, that’s how rights work, once they’re gone they’re gone forever,” Jordan said.

Lastly the journalist reported on the affordability crisis driving regular people out, leaving only the wealthy, as well as a permanent underclass of illegal aliens and street thugs.

“If average people can’t live in this city, it’s going to change completely in ways that are truly terrifying,” he said.

Jordan discussed how New York City is only getting more and more expensive due to regulation and legislation which will end up prohibiting middle class residents from staying, spelling doom for the city.

“And that’s going to create major problems for the city’s economy, like think about it, the people who bring your food to the grocery store, where are they going to live, what about your police, we’ve already got a shortage of police,” Jordan said.

He also stated how not just food access and law enforcement will be impacted, but basic city services like trash pickup and sanitation.

“And that means if the city doesn’t figure out how to change the direction it’s heading, the old New York that we’re all used to, that will be finished, and a new New York City will emerge, but it’s not one I think can exist,” he said.

Jordan made one final prediction, that in the future there will be big changes from the city which will make New York a better place for its residents.

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