Liberal Flips Support to Trump, Apologizes For Believing MSM ‘Lies’

by State Brief

A former anti-Trump liberal renounced her media-fed hatred of Donald Trump, stating that she now sees through the mainstream media’s “lies” and supports the former president’s 2024 run.

“Mr. President, I am so sorry for believing the lies that the mainstream media has just projected on me and I fell for and I believed. I stand by you. I love you. I thank you for what you’re doing for this country,” she said when asked by a Breitbart reporter if she had anything to say to the 45th president.

“And I’m so sorry that I just took you for granted and I did not even see it, but I do see it now, and you have one more supporter standing beside you and praying for you,” she added.

As we’ve reported, even vehement anti-Trumpers like actor Michael Rapaport are beginning to come around to supporting Trump in the face of Joe Biden’s disastrous domestic and foreign policies.

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