Liberal Attorney & Ex-US Diplomat Lays Out Jack Smith Plot To Remove Judge Cannon From Trump Classified Docs Case

by State Brief

Former U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic, current Brookings Institute Sr. Fellow and CNN legal analyst Norm Eisen wrote an article published by the leftist outlet Slate this week that detailed how Special Counsel Jack Smith may try to remove Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon from the ongoing Mar-a-Lago classified documents case.

Eisen also posted a lengthy thread on X detailing his issues with how Cannon is dealing with jury instructions regarding the Presidential Records Act.

He wrote, “Cannon seems inclined to push the case to trial but is basically asking if she can stack the deck so Trump wins. It’s clumsy & amateurish—seems to know she’s wobbly & she’s asking the parties for help with threshold things that are normally figured out by the judge.”

Continuing, Eisen claimed, “If she persists in this course, special counsel Jack Smith can & will go to the 11th Circuit. And while he is there, this & several other recent (threatened) blunders give him ammo to have her reversed & removed.”

In the Slate article, Eisen and his co-author attorney Joshua Kolb attacked Cannon as “by far the worst of the jurists overseeing” any of the four ongoing Trump cases.

The pair explained Jack Smith “appears to be preparing to ask” the 11th Circuit Court to overturn “at least one and possibly two of her decisions.”

They added, “In our view, while he is there on those other issues, he should also petition them to remove her from the case.”

Continuing, the article alleged Cannon is “twisting the law to help Trump” by unsealing the identities of two dozen potential witnesses in the case.

Eisen and Kolb accused the judge of having a “pro-Trump bias” because in their opinion her decisions have “unduly” favored the 45th President.

According to the authors, Cannon is “interfering with the ability of other courts overseeing the Trump prosecutions” and “freezing other courts with Trump prosecutions from scheduling a trial” by waiting until May to hold the trial.

“It is almost as if she is intentionally running interference for the former president,” they boldly stated.

Advocating for Smith to remove Cannon, the piece concluded, “At a certain point, the government cannot acquiesce to unfair and dangerous rulings—and it may need to take bold action to protect the integrity of its prosecution.”

As a CNN legal analyst and ex-U.S. diplomat, Eisen’s recommendation shouldn’t be taken lightly as he may even be indirectly providing Smith with an outline for action.

MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner, and leftist attorneys Laurence Tribe and George Conway also parroted the idea of recusing Cannon.

Co-host of MSNBC‘s “Prosecuting Donald Trump” podcast, Andrew Weissmann, pushed for Cannon’s removal, writing, “This is the kind of legal inanity that could lead Jack Smith to seek to mandamus Judge Cannon- ie to get the 11th Circuit appeals court to hear this and reverse her for the third time- which could also be the proverbial three strikes and you’re out.”

The left’s anti-Trump battle plan is being publicly revealed by the lawyers who are weaponizing the judicial system to subvert the will of American voters.

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