Israel Purposely Dragging America Into World War III

by State Brief

On his Sunday show, Alex Jones covered how Israel is dragging the US into World War III.

“All over the internet Israel is so hated now by the majority of people, when Hamas attacked I thought it was terrible, and then I saw the howls of enjoyment from the pro-Israel people when they were carpet bombing innocent people, and I thought that was disgusting and horrible,” the talkshow host said. “And now I’m seeing howls of excitement over Iran hitting Israel, and now I’m seeing all the lip-smacking by the other side, both the neocons and war-mongers and some people in Israel, their leadership, ‘oh we’re going to destroy Iran now’ and we’re all hurtling over the edge of total destruction.”

Jones went on to say nuclear war is unwindable for anybody, and called for it to stop immediately.

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