Israel Arrests, Blindfolds & Gags Palestinian Christian Woman, Strips Children Naked, Blindfolds & Beats Them

by State Brief

Israel has a long history of imprisoning people without charges as well as arresting and beating kids.

23-year-old Layan Nasir, a female Christian resident of the West Bank was arrested by Israeli forces on Sunday, along with a number of others, including a child (not her child).

This is the second time the woman has been arrested by Israeli forces, the first being in 2021. Israel routinely arrests Palestinian children, the latest coming as no deviation from the norm.

While the woman’s six day imprisonment in 2021 stemmed from her membership in the Democratic Progressive Student Pole, a student union the Israeli government has declared an unlawful association, the reason for the current arrest remains unknown.

It is worth noting that most Palestinians held in prison in Israel are held for ‘administrative detention’, meaning they’re held without any charges.

During her 2021 arrest, the young woman was blindfolded and a gag was placed in her mouth before she was taken to a military base for enhanced interrogation.

According to the charity Defence for Children International, each year Israel arrests, strips naked, blindfolds and beats between 500 – 1000 children, some as young as 12. The conditions for the adult woman Nasir is expected to be worse.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has requested the release of the woman on Twitter.

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