“Hillary Clinton and What She Represents Is a Force of Darkness”

by State Brief

Former Trump chief strategist Stephen Bannon explained the evil spiritual forces behind Democrats like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, characterizing her and leftists like her as embodying a “force of darkness.”

“…That victory in 2016 was definitely providential. Hillary Clinton and what she represents is a force of darkness. That was really the managed decline of our nation,” Bannon said on his show last week.

Remarking former President Donald Trump possesses extreme “moral courage” to go up against these forces, Bannon went on to describe how the imprisonment of ex-Trump adviser Peter Navarro over the Easter holiday was symbolic and also due to these same dark forces.

“Remember this weekend we’re here, and Peter Navarro is in prison. John the Baptist was in prison. Well, Peter Navarro’s in prison,” Bannon said. “In fact, Jesus Christ himself for a number of hours was imprisoned by the Roman authorities.

“I want you to think about that over Easter, Peter Navarro, a decent and honest man, is in prison, imprisoned by Nancy Pelosi and Merrick Garland. I would say pretty good forces of darkness, right? Pretty definable.”

Bannon continued:

“So at the end of the day, I see this and I’ve always seen this as a spiritual conflict because I saw it up front up close and personal and I will tell you that the steal in 2020 was also providential. The victory in ’16 was providential. So was the steal. Because that was to show us this was just no longer managed decline by the elites. This was something far darker, far more urgent.”

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