Geoengineering Goes Mainstream As Dubai Cloud Seeding Program Blamed For Historic Flooding

by State Brief

The world is being forced to acknowledge some of the negative effects of experimental weather manipulation operations underway around the globe.

Mainstream media outlets like Bloomberg News admitted the recent historic flooding in Dubai was worsened due to “cloud seeding.”

The UAE reportedly received a year’s worth of rain in 24 hours.

Some media outlets were roasted for publishing conflicting reports about the event.

Wired magazine published an article on Wednesday, titled, “No, Dubai’s Floods Weren’t Caused by Cloud Seeding.”

However, in 2020, Wired ran with the headline, “Bringing in the rain: Has the UAE’s cloud-seeding program gone too far?” in an article claiming “waterlogged streets and flooded malls” are prompting “questions over chemicals being pumped into the skies.”

The internet called out the scientific elite for playing with nature:

Check out some footage from the wild storm below:

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