Gang of Squatters Take Over Gordon Ramsay’s £13 Million Pub

by State Brief

A gang of squatters have taken over Gordon Ramsay’s trendy £13 million pub and the celebrity chef has been powerless to stop them.

The gang of at least six “professional squatters” who identify themselves as “The Occupiers” broke in to the York & Albany pub and boutique hotel in central London last week.

The invaders even used Ramsay’s own kitchen appliances to barricade themselves in and glued shut the locks.

They also taped a notice to the door threatening legal action against anyone who tries to force them out.

“Take notice that we occupy this property and at all times there is at least one person in occupation,” the notice reads, according to The Sun.

“Any entry or attempt to enter into these premises without our permission is therefore a criminal offense as any one of us who is in physical possession is opposed to such entry without our permission . . . if you attempt to enter by violence or by threatening violence, we will prosecute you.”

The notice goes on to say that a violation could result in six months imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $6,200. 

“If you want to get us out you will have to issue a claim for possession in the County Court or in the High Court,” it adds.

Ramsay tried getting the police involved but that has proven useless in light of the UK’s squatting laws, which only criminalize squatting in residential buildings.

“This is a civil matter and so police did not attend the property,” the Metropolitan Police said.

From The Sun:

The source said there were at least five men and a woman there, adding: “Some are crashing on sofas, but others have taken over the beautiful bedrooms. God knows the damage and filth.

“Gordon called the police on Wednesday and is trying to secure an eviction notice, but it’s proving an absolute nightmare.

“It’s increasingly hard to forcibly remove these people.

“Gordon is at the end of his tether. Not surprisingly, a few choice words have been said.”

Yesterday, one squatter was seen sleeping barefoot on a couch in the bar area while wearing a hat, coat and trousers.

Another slipper-clad occupier was scrolling his smartphone.

Scattered around were a pair of crutches, a Sainsbury’s bag for life, tobacco, plugs, empty water bottles and wine glasses — with a blue sleeping bag dumped on another sofa.

A cat climber and dog toy were also visible, while kitchen equipment was seen on the floor at the back of the venue.

The Sun also tried confronting the squatters, who responded with hostility and refused to answer questions.

“I’m under no obligation to speak to you. Have a good morning,” one occupier said.

Turns out the squatter crisis is not only limited to the US thanks to radical left policies in the UK.

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