Foreign Thugs ATTACK Border Reporters Outside Illegal Alien Shelter In El Paso, TX

by State Brief

Hispanic men pound on windows, test door handles, throw rocks at reporter’s vehicle

A group of foreign men loitering at a church sheltering illegal aliens in El Paso, TX, swarmed a Border Hawk vehicle today, pounding the windows and trying to force entry before slinging rocks at us.

Our reporter became trapped in street traffic outside Sacred Heart Church when at least three thugs approached us while making lewd and menacing gestures and cursing at us in Spanish.

Two of the men circled around to the driver’s side and began testing our door handles and battering our windows. As our reporter took evasive action and began to pull away, one of the men could be seen making a throwing motion to another man, and a rock struck our roof rack moments later.

We recovered the projectile later on, as you can see. Thankfully it did not strike a window.

When we reported the incident to the El Paso Police Department and asked what action they planned to take, an officer responded, “I can’t tell you anything more.”

Sources on the ground tell us authorities have been alerted countless times about criminal activities at Sacred Heart Church, and say it is not likely police will take any action, despite our cameras picking up clear images of the faces of all suspects involved.

We will share any updates about this incident as they come in. Please consider supporting our work in the field, as it is becoming increasingly dangerous and costly.

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