Florida Man Arrested for Using AI to Create Deep Fake Child Sexual Abuse Material

by State Brief

A Florida man has been arrested for using artificial intelligence to create deep fake child sexual abuse material.

Daniel Warren, 51, was arrested in January after law enforcement was tipped off about child pornography.

Martin County Chief Deputy John Budensiek said the arrest for artificial intelligence child pornography was the first he’s ever been involved in.

Budensiek also said that the images Warren was generating used the faces of real children.

“This is our first case in Martin County where we have seen AI taking a regular headshot and then turning them into child porn and it’s alarming to us,” Chief Budensiek told local station WBPF.

At least one of the images depicted a child under the age of five.

Det. Brian Broughton told the station, “It’s pretty scary when you look at this stuff.”

“What he does is he takes the face of a child and then he sexualizes that removes the clothing and poses the child and engages them in certain sexual certain sexual activity and that’s the images that he’s making with his AI,” Broughton said.

Warren is facing multiple charges, including possession of child pornography and voyeurism under clothing. Budensiek said that they have not ruled out filing additional charges.

“The reason why we waited this long to put it out is because our detectives have been working with other jurisdictions to try and figure out if there are other cases related to this,” Budensiek told the station.

The report explains that the FBI has warned that child pornography created with artificial intelligence is still illegal.

“Obviously, we have seen the deep fakes there’s been a couple of years now we’ve seen the deep fakes with celebrities and politicians,” Broughton said. “This is just a new level. This is scary stuff.”

Warren is still locked up as of April 3. His bond has been set at $1,460,000.

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