Fetterman Takes Aim At Biden Over Lack Of Support For Israel

by State Brief

Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman took issue with President Joe Biden’s response to Iran in the wake of their attack on Israel.

On Saturday, Iran launched 185 one-way suicide drones, 110 surface-to-surface missiles, and 36 cruise missiles toward Israel on Saturday, though many were stopped by Israel’s air defense system dubbed the Iron Dome. The attack was in response to the death of Iranian General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, who was killed by an Israeli airstrike earlier this month.

Fetterman commented on Biden‘s handling of the conflict in the Middle East during a Sunday appearance on CNN’s State of the Union with host Jake Tapper.

“I think it really demonstrates how it’s astonishing that we are not standing firmly with Israel,” Fetterman said, adding he believed there should “never be any conditions” on aid amidst their military conflict in the region. “When a nation can launch hundreds of drones towards Israel, I’m not gonna be talking about conditions ever.”

The Pennsylvania senator added Iran “had to have some fireworks” after Zahedi’s death.

“I’m here for that,” he said. “I think it’s just a matter of theater, part of it as well too.”

Fetterman said the attempted Iranian drone strike demonstrated the instability of the region and the necessity for the United States to show support for the Jewish state.

Tapper then noted the United States will reportedly not engage in offensive operations against Iran, per Biden, and asked if Fetterman believed it was the right move.

“I don’t agree with that,” Fetterman said. “I just think we should follow and have Israel’s back in this situation.”

The Pennsylvania senator reiterated, “I don’t agree with the president,” though lauded Biden as a “fantastic president” otherwise.

“I’m proud to stand with him, and campaign for him, and vote for him,” he added.

Tapper then noted Florida Sen. Marco Rubio claimed Biden had reportedly encouraged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to not respond to Iran’s attempted attack.

“The president is entitled to his own views and whatever he decides to do,” Fetterman said, “but I would never capitulate to the fringe.”

Fetterman also said he would not “pander” to critics of Israel’s military response, adding, “That helps Hamas.”

“Hamas is … they’re actually convinced that they are winning the PR war, and they’re never going to negotiate at this point,” he continued. “They think they are going to hold on to the very end, and I know why they’re not willing to provide any kind of proof of life.”

Fetterman then threw criticism toward the corporate press, citing a lack in coverage of Israeli hostages.

“What about the hostages? What’s happened to them? Where are they now? Let’s just bring them home,” he concluded.

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