Feces-eating Left-Wing Politician Was Head of Department of Youth, Children and Family

by State Brief

A left-wing Spanish politician who was forced from his post within a town government after footage was revealed of him apparently eating his own feces off the floor, was the head of the local Department of Youth, Children and the Family.

News of the Spanish politician’s messy disgrace, which began in February, reached the English-language news via The Publica.

Until March 27, when he was relieved of his duties, Daniel Gómez del Barrio was a representative of the ruling left-wing Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party. Spain’s current prime minister Pedro Sánchez is leader of the party.

Images and videos of del Barrio in various compromising sexual positions, including crawling on all fours and eating what appears to be his own feces, began to circulate on the internet in February after they were posted on social-media accounts and pornographic websites. These images and videos can still readily be found on social media. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Spanish news website El Diario described on Thursday how del Barrio “offered himself on social networks as a ‘despicable sexual slave.’ He also openly requested to be “humiliated and used as a urinal.”

Del Barrio initially tried to shrug off the controversy while police investigated, but the matter came to a head in the town of Illescas during the traditional Palm Sunday celebrations towards the end of March, and the town’s mayor forced him to resign.

While English-speaking users of Twitter reacted with uniform disgust and horror at the story, one presumably left wing user by the name of “Melb Scat Boy” took to the social-media platform to voice his worry that the story might be used to portray left wingers in a bad light.

In a since-deleted post, Mel Scat Boy wrote:

“Its disheartening to see the far right using this as a scapegoat to demonise left winged folk. Not sure what Daniel was expecting with distributing scat content including his face, given his role, but there’s a reason this sh*t (pun not intended) should stay discreet.

If only Norm MacDonald were here to see this.

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