Equity Spelling Bee? Black Female Receives Simpler Words, White Male Tasked With Difficult Ones

by State Brief

Footage of a spelling bee challenge between a black female and a white male is sparking outrage after it appeared words were assigned on the basis of race, with the white male receiving more difficult words.

In footage from the impromptu spelling bee taking place on an NBA basketball court, a black female host asks two contestants to spell different words, however a black female contestant was assigned easy words like “sprain” and “stress fracture.”

Meanwhile, the white male participant was asked to spell relatively difficult $10 words like “synovium,” ultimately bungling the spelling of “avascular necrosis.”

The unfair challenge, which unintentionally made the black person appear less intelligent than the white male by default, was slammed as an “Equity Spelling Bee” on social media.

The unbelievably biased challenge was blasted by social media users.

According to some X users, the lopsided challenge had nothing to do with race and was intended to be intentionally rigged by the home team against the contestant from the away team.

While there may be a perfectly rational explanation for the appearance of impropriety, the fact is America is embracing DEI policies and devolving into the type of woke country where an “equity spelling bee” could be a real thing.

The globalists are increasing their attacks on Infowars and the stakes have never been higher!

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