Epic! Pastor Delivers Fiery Rant While Exposing Incestual Pedophilic Book Found In High School Library

by State Brief

Pastor John Amanchukwu, a Turning Point USA faith contributor, spoke out this week at a Midland Independent School District board meeting in Texas by reading content from a pedophilic book sitting on the shelves of one of the district’s high schools.

Reading excerpts from the 1996 book “Push” by Sapphire, Amanchukwu appeared to make the school board members uncomfortable with the extremely graphic language found in the literature.

The book details a father and mother both sexually molesting their daughter starting at age five and continuing throughout her teen years.

Amanchukwu went over numerous sections from the novel containing some of the most explicit language you could ever hear.

After reading the pedophilic and pornographic material, the pastor focused his attention on the board members, saying, “This has to be removed tonight! We have six men on this board.”

The crowd applauded as Amanchukwu continued, “I want to say to these men on this board, if you don’t remove this, you’re either a punk or a pervert!”

“Remove the trash!” he shouted as police officers approached the podium to escort him out of the building.

After the meeting, one member of the board stepped outside to angrily confront the pastor, yelling, “I’m no punk and I’m no pervert!”

Pastor Amanchukwu asked the board member if he’d be removing the book from the high school library, and the man said he’d “try” but appeared more upset with Amanchukwu than the pedophilic book available to his district’s children.

When the triggered board member continued repeating, “I’m no punk and I’m no pervert,” Amanchukwu asked, “So, you’re gonna get it out, right?”

The board member said he would get the book out of the library and the pastor told the crowd, “Thank you! Give this man a hand!”

Fellow attendees of the meeting clapped in approval of the board member’s pledge to get rid of the filth.

Scenes like this are interrupting the Marxist agenda being implemented in America by the global elite via the Democrat Party, which is why the Biden DOJ is more concerned with spying on parents at school board meetings than stopping terrorists entering the wide-open southern border.

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