Dr. Phil Guest Exposes High-Tech Chinese Military Operations Near American Bases On U.S. Soil

by State Brief

Alarming news should spark action as this is a clear threat to national security

A map displayed on Dr. Phil Primetime showed how Chinese nationals are buying massive amounts of land surrounding American military bases.

An expert named Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital Management explained how, in once instance, a Chinese military general named Sun bought over 100 square miles of land between America’s most active Air Force training base and the Mexico border.

Bass noted Sun obtained a permit to build windmills on the land despite the location having a small amount of wind, saying, “They want to put up windmills for two reasons. They want to connect directly to the U.S. grid so that they can upload malware to the grid and they can monitor the grid.”

He added, “They also want to build these windmills 700 feet tall. Imagine a windmill that’s almost as tall as the Washington Monument and they can put cameras up there that map the horizon and they can map the horizon with one square inch of clarity. Right next to our largest Air Force military training base. Every Air Force pilot trains at Laughlin Air Force Base.”

Regarding the approval of the land purchases, Bass accused the U.S. Treasury of being a pawn of Wall Street and basically allowing China infiltrate the country in exchange for profit.

Dr. Phil was also tagged in a post reporting a podcast will soon come out where he’ll be joined by independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and psychologist/podcast host Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.

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