Comedian Nearly Arrested For Calling Dem Councilwoman ‘Big Booty Latina’

by State Brief

Comedian prankster Alex Stein almost got arrested after he trolled a New York City council meeting, where he called a council member a “big booty Latina.”

The Blaze TV host landed in hot water when he triggered Brooklyn Councilwoman Jennifer Gutiérrez during a meeting this week, prompting security to insist he “keep it clean.”

“Let me tell you something, Jennifer. I love big booty Latinas,” Stein told Gutiérrez.

“You are out of line,” Gutiérrez responded.

“So [it’s] my First Amendment right to say I love big booty Latinas. How is that a crime?” Stein asked, going on to inquire, “Is that because you’re a big booty Latina?”

The commentator went on to point out Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who he famously trolled on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, is his “favorite big booty Latina.”

“You’re my second favorite big booty Latina,” Stein told Gutiérrez, “so don’t get all, you know, butt hurt about that. I still think you’re a beautiful lady. A little thick, but I like them thick.”

The remarks prompted the city council’s Sergeant at Arms to approach Stein warning him to “keep it clean.”

Stein protested that the First Amendment protects his right to call Gutierrez a “big booty Latina,” before proceeding to dress down the security officer for imposing on his speech.

“Big booty Latina, it’s not a crime to say that, officer, but this guy is such a dummy he doesn’t understand it’s not a crime,” Stein said.

“I can go to a meeting, I can call him a dummy. I can call you a big booty Latina, I can call [him] an idiot, I can call [her] a mask-wearer, 5-times vaccinated – and I know you’re probably going to get myocarditis – I can say all that,” adding, “I’m a pimp on a blimp.”

The hilarious stunt is Stein’s latest effort to preserve free speech by openly confronting leftist politicians at city council meetings throughout the country in attempts to hold them accountable for promoting woke initiatives.

Watch: Stein joined the War Room Wednesday to discuss what he saw when he infiltrated an illegal alien hotel in New York City.

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