Comedian Andrew Schulz DESTROYS Ben Shapiro & Daily Wire

by State Brief

During a recent episode of the “Flagrant” podcast, comedian Andrew Schulz called out The Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro for defending censorship of employees at the company following the firing of Candace Owens.

Owens was apparently let go for her criticism of Israel’s obliteration of Gaza.

Schulz exposed Shapiro’s poor excuse for terminating Owens as hypocritical since the outlet claims to champion free speech.

“You can’t have an opinion on your platform that is not pro-a country that is not ours?” Schulz asked, sarcastically adding, “So, is the Daily Wire an American media platform or is it an Israeli media platform?

“You can’t criticize Israel as a country? That’s just another country, unless you’re saying and you’re clearly admitting the Daily Wire is an arm of the Israeli media or propaganda machine?” he asked.

“Are you manipulating the religious right in America? Are you manipulating the right-wing conservatives in America and selling country western movies and putting on your little cowboy hat and fake moving to Nashville so you can take all their money? And then, in the process restricting free speech – one of the core tenants of the American identity?”

Watch the full show below:

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