CNN Pesters Black College Students Who Are Ditching Biden This Election

by State Brief

During a recent CNN segment, a group of four students attending HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) explained why they don’t want to vote for Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

Two of the individuals will be voting in their first presidential election while the other pair will be voting for a president for the second time.

The four students are all preparing to either vote third-party or abstain from voting whatsoever.

All of the voters explained they were raised as Democrats, but cited the Biden administration’s handling of the Israel-Palestine situation as a top reason they cannot support his 2024 campaign.

“I think what Biden has done in aiding and abetting genocide is not something I can stand for,” one woman said.

The CNN anchor told the group they may be allowing Donald Trump to re-take office by refusing to vote for Biden, and one of the ladies noted, “Trump would probably say, ‘Flatten Gaza and turn it into a golf course.’ I have absolutely no faith in him.”

When the mainstream media reporter tried to guilt-trip the students by again claiming they’d be putting Trump into power if they didn’t vote, one of the men suggested the Democrat Party listen to their demands of a ceasefire in Gaza if it truly wants their vote.

“If he [Biden] doesn’t get elected, that’s his fault. It’s not our fault, that’s not the black voters here, it’s on him,” said one of the young men.

The establishment is losing control of its grip on the American people as the Biden regime openly follows the New World Order Great Reset agenda meant to collapse the nation.

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