‘Charity’ Caught Distributing Fraudulent Papers For Illegal Aliens To Obtain Gov’t ID

by State Brief

Undercover video by citizen journalists caught a charity that caters to illegal aliens illegally filling out residency documents for a man with no form of identification.

Muckraker.com journalists teamed up with The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project to reveal the illegal alien fraud pipeline taking place in New York City.

The nonprofit La Jornada, based in Queens, describes itself as an organization “committed to justice and equality” whose goal is “helping migrants navigate the complex asylum processes and other legal procedures.”

Video shows a La Jornada employee admitting that distributing residency documents is against the law before doing so with another person the next day.

The undercover video also shows the organization distributing paperwork to get a government-issued New York City identification card through the city’s IDNYC program.

“Illegal aliens can pay to receive fake residency paperwork, allowing them to obtain a government issued ID using whatever information they provided,” Muckraker.com founder Anthony Rubin narrated in the video.

In the video, Rubin asked a La Jornada employee if he could buy residency papers, to which the woman replied, “that’s illegal.”

“Buy papers here? No, we cannot do that…We could help you do your documentation if you need to get a Social Security or work permit,” she said.

Later, the woman told Rubin: “You cannot go asking how much is the residency we sell, because that’s illegal…that’s something that you could do that you could get in trouble. That’s not what we could do…They will think we are doing something illegal.”

But the next day, a Mexican associate of Muckraker’s returned to La Jornada, where an employee provided him with residency and IDNYC paperwork despite him not providing any form of identification.

Instead, the man only gave a first and last name.

“Do you have a first and last name? Nothing else? Only have Jose Rubiano?” the employee asked, which the Muckraker associate affirmed.

“I’m going to get this signed and then I’ll be right back,” the employee said before returning shortly after with documents bearing the name “Jose Rubiano” for both residency and the IDNYC card.

Rubin highlighted the national security and election integrity risks posed by the illegal residency and official identification card scheme.

“Anyone, from someone seeking unauthorized employment to spies, saboteurs, or even terrorists, could obtain a government issued ID by visiting La Jornada and acquiring fraudulent papers,” Rubin said. “This risk also includes those who enter this country legally and overstay their visa.”

Additionally, Rubin warned that likely thousands of illegal aliens have already used this scheme to integrate into NYC’s population undetected.

And only a 30-day residency is required to participate in New York elections.

As we reported, illegal aliens have openly expressed their intent to vote for Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland also declared this month that the government will try to shut down voter ID and other election integrity safeguards in the name of fighting racism.

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