Chaos Breaks Out As Hunter Biden Ex-Biz Partners Testify

by State Brief

Two of Hunter Biden’s ex-business partners are testifying live in front of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, which is investigating President Biden’s alleged involvement in son Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

“The Biden defenders’ outrageous dishonesty and vile attempts at assassinating my character are as predictable as they are disgusting,” said Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of the Bidens who went public and blew the whistle shortly before the 2020 US election, in opening comments. “As a former Naval officer, I do not understand this world of partisan outrage and insanity; I struggle to process it, and I despise it.”

Watch as the Democrats twist themselves into a pretzel to defend their leader…

Also testifying will be Jason Galanis, who is currently in federal prison on unrelated fraud charges (and just said he was sexually assaulted by a prison guard).

The entire value-add of Hunter Biden to our business was his family name and his access to his father, Vice President Joe Biden. Because of this access, I agreed to contribute equity ownership to them — Hunter and Devon — for no out-of-pocket cost from them in exchange for their ‘relationship capital,” Galanis will say in his opening statement obtained by the Daily Caller.

On the other side, the Democrats’ key witness is Lev Parnas, who insists that “From shortly after my arrest on October 9, 2019, to now, I have been trying to share the irrefutable truth with you: The American people have been lied to by Trump, Giuliani, & various cohorts of individuals in govt and media positions.”


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