Carbon Tax Canada: Increasing Cost Causing Protests

by State Brief

Increases to Canada’s controversial carbon tax have gone into effect Monday leading many in the country who are already struggling financially to take to protesting the 23 percent hike in cost.

The climate change cult tax is levied directly against numerous carbon-based energy sources including diesel, propane and natural gas, all of which cause an indirect price increase on food, clothing and virtually all other goods.

This has caused many Canadians to take to the streets and social media to describe the already insurmountable cost of living crisis and how the new drain on their finances will negatively affect them.

In addition to regular Canadians, the tax is really hurting poor college students, who are taking to social media to describe their inability to afford the cost of living, even as their living accommodations are paid for.

Citizens of the North American country have resorted to blocking highways in desperation.

The Canadian trucker convoy that became a major protest group against the Covid vaccine mandates and lockdowns in years past has returned, this time to protest the carbon tax increase.

Canadian paramilitary soldiers have been deployed against the nation’s own civilians in response to the public’s disdain to the global-warming-scam-based tax.

Just as is being seen throughout Europe, farmers in Canada are up in arms over the price increases which will put an even bigger strain on their ever decreasing bottom line.

Canada’s leader Trudeau said in 2022 that this tax is a wonderful thing, and lambasted conservatives who oppose such measures.

Just as Canada and the world moves toward political tyranny with new hate speech laws, economic tyranny is coming in with the false secular scientism religion of climate change via taxes on carbon-based energy.

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