BREAKING: Massive Earthquake Hits Taiwan

by State Brief

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Taiwanese capitol Taipei on Wednesday morning leading to massive infrastructure damage and a tsunami warning being issued for southern Japan and the Philippines.

The quake began at 07:58 a.m. at a depth of 9.6 miles off Taiwan’s east coast, according to Taiwan’s Central Weather Administration. X (formally Twitter) users have posted a number of jaw-dropping videos from on the ground of the island nation.

Reports of injuries and fatalities are likely to begin pouring in.

Large buildings collapsed as residents looked on.

While damage came to the cities, the countryside was not left unscathed.

Another video shows more landslides from the steep hills of Taiwan.

The shaking was so violent it caused motorists to stop along a bridge.

A news studio filmed the intense shaking during the quake.

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