Black Teens Arrested After Elderly Homeless White Man Murdered in Parking Lot

by State Brief

Teens charged with 1st-degree reckless homicide after man dies from injuries.

Police in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, arrested several black teenagers accused of brutally beating a homeless man in a parking lot who later died from his injuries.

Footage later uploaded to TikTok by the teens show the white victim, Donald Mitchell Jr., 61, laying motionless in the parking lot after he was savagely assaulted.

In the video, submitted as evidence in court, the teens can be heard mocking the man and laughing at him as he laid face-down on the pavement.

The Wausau Pilot & Review has more on the circumstances that led up to the deadly altercation, and the extent of the victim’s fatal injuries:

According to the Point Plover Metro Wire, police and paramedics responded at about 11:45 p.m. Friday, March 15 to the 1100 block of Centerpoint Drive for a report of a man on the ground following an apparent assault. The caller told officers they saw the man being beaten up by three people in the area of a local hotel.

The caller told police they heard yelling between the victim and suspects after the man accused them of taking something from his truck. A witness reported seeing three men surround the victim near his vehicle, then actively punch him with their fists. The man fell to the ground and one of the suspects kicked him while he was down.


According to the Point Plover Metro Wire report, Emerson and three of his friends drove to Stevens Point from Wausau to go to a nightclub on Main Street. They were denied entry due to their ages, then “wandered around the area” until about 11:30 p.m., when they encountered the man.

After the beating, the victim was taken to an area hospital for an evaluation, then transported to a trauma center in Wausau for treatment of broken ribs, severe head trauma, swollen eyes and severe brain swelling, Dodge said. The man died a short time later.

Police have arrested Brandon Boehm, 20, Christian Emerson, 18, and Arlin Sangster, 19, for allegedly committing the assault, charging them with 1st-degree reckless homicide, while a fourth person, Daemon Kitzrow, 19, who was not involved in the assault won’t be charged.

The horrendous crime contradicts the position of the federal government, led by Joe Biden, who has for years been promoting the narrative that white supremacy is the greatest terror threat Americans face.

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