Bizarre Woke Advil Ad Campaign Claims Black People Experience ‘Pain Inequity’

by State Brief

A strange ad campaign by the Advil brand claims people in the black community experience “pain inequity,” and are less believed about their pain than their non-black peers.

In one of the most bizarre advertising stunts in recent memory, the pain relief product company in 2023 held a roundtable to hear from black people who said they were less likely to be believed by doctors about their pain issues than people of other races.

“In July 2023, 5 members of the Black community shared their experiences with pain inequity,” Advil explained on their site. “Their stories are different, but they all have one thing in common: no one believed their pain was real.”

An accompanying video featured a black man and woman saying, “Believe me when I say I’m in pain,” going on to claim an “Advil study” found 74% of black people felt bias in how their pain was diagnosed.

A photo of a supermarket shelf circulating on social media shows Advil has promoted the ad campaign in stores, introducing the public to the novel idea of “pain equity.”

The pain relief product’s woke advertising and attempts at race-baiting were slammed and mocked on social media, where Advil was accused of claiming “pain is racist.”

It remains to be seen whether the company’s racist advertisement translates into revenue and profits, or if the public rejects the blatant attempt at race-baiting.

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