Alex Jones Was Right About Police State/Martial Law Rollout

by State Brief

Russell Brand admitted that Alex Jones was right about the police state rollout via authoritarian pilot programs, with New York City deploying National Guard to the subways as the latest example.

Brand cited Alex Jones’ criticism of New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s (D) controversial move to flood NYC’s public transit system with National Guard in the name of safety, noting his past predictions of an incremental rollout of the police state seem to be coming true.

“I am quite sympathetic to this perspective given what I’ve witnessed and experienced over the last few years,” Brand said, referring to the draconian Covid measures.

“Once you’ve seen armed military personnel conducting bag checks on a subway in New York City when there isn’t a war happening or anything remotely like it domestically across America, then you have to acknowledge that is something that is significant,” he said, adding that troops in public spaces is “being normalized.”

“And quite a lot of power and time and propaganda has to be invested in saying that someone like Alex Jones is hysteric and due to his, let’s call it his presentational style, he does make that kind of analysis in some circles quite credible,” Brand added.

In his four Police State films spanning decades, Alex Jones lays out the globalist plot to militarize America’s law enforcement and incrementally roll out the military onto the streets to pave the way for tyranny backed by martial law.

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