Afghan War Vet SLAMS Biden’s Arrest of Gold Star Father During SOTU

by State Brief

A US military veteran injured in combat took Joe Biden to task after the puppet president had a Gold Star father arrested following an outburst during Thursday’s State of the Union address.

In a video message posted to X Friday, retired Army Captain and Republican Nevada US Senate candidate Sam Brown slammed Biden for Thursday night’s arrest of Steve Nikoui, whose son, Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, died during Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021.

“Last night we heard from the Commander-in-Chief as he delivered his State of the Union Address, but we also heard from a grieving Gold Star father, Steve Nikoui as he demanded that the President of the United States as well as the entire nation never forget the sacrifice of his son, Lance corporal Kareem Nikoui, and the 13 who bravely gave their life during the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

Brown went on to say the pain of losing a loved one in the military was made all the worse by Biden having Nikoui removed and arrested.

“My heart breaks for him and his family and for all Gold Star families across the nation who grieve the loss of their loved ones during these last couple of decades of warfare,” Brown said, adding, “But the insult of last night could not have been more extreme as Steve was hauled out of the chambers and arrested for demanding that his son and the sacrifice of others be remembered.”

Brown concludes by asking the public to remember the 13 service members who died at Abbey Gate outside the Kabul Airport:

Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Darin T. Hoover;
Marine Corps Sgt. Johanny Rosario;
Marine Corps Sgt. Nicole L. Gee;
Marine Corps Cpl. Hunter Lopez;
Marine Corps Cpl. Daegan W. Page;
Marine Corps Cpl. Humberto A. Sanchez;
Marine Corps Lance Cpl. David L. Espinoza;
Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Jared M. Schmitz;
Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Rylee J. McCollum;
Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Dylan R. Merola;
Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kareem M. Nikoui;
Navy Petty Officer Third Class Maxton W. Soviak; and
Army Staff Sgt. Ryan C. Knauss.

Nikoui, who was an invited guest of  Rep. Brian Mast (R-Fla.), was arrested after interrupting Biden’s SOTU address to shout “Remember Abbey Gate,” and, “United States Marines! Kareem Mae’Lee Nikoui!”

According to the Los Angeles Times, “He was removed from the chambers and arrested for ‘crowding, obstructing, or incommoding,’ according to a statement from the Capitol Police.”

Following the arrest, Rep. Mast wrote on X, “For the last three SOTU speeches, Joe Biden REFUSED to say the names of the 13 U.S. servicemembers who were killed by his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. I couldn’t support this effort more. Say their names!”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) pointed out Mr. Nikoui not only lost his son but also his older son who “then took his own life on the grave of his brother who was KIA.”

“Biden’s ‘leadership’ has destroyed American families. We do not need American troops getting involved in more endless foreign wars simply to lose a generation of sons, brothers, and uncles,” wrote Rep. MTG.

Nikoui received a warm welcome at a local pub following his release.

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